About Implementation

Since its adoption in 2012, the Comprehensive Plan is officially set in forward motion!  A Systems approach was used to develop the overarching direction to achieve the Albany 2030 Vision, creating strategies and actions according to eight Sustainability Building Blocks (see “Albany 2030 Systems” for more…).

However, as many of the strategies and actions overlap and easily relate to multiple Systems, projects have been prioritized based on community interest and need, financial capacity, and time-frame restraints.

Prioritization Process for Project Implementation 

  • Alignment with the Albany 2030 Vision, Vision Components and System priorities.
  • Includes a combination of strategies and actions that yield the most overlap amongst Systems and leverage change most effectively and efficiently while achieving goals and objectives of Albany 2030.
  • Leadership and staff availability, partnerships, stakeholders and financial capacity.
  • Time required to initiate and complete the project (short-, intermediate-, long-term, or ongoing).

You can still be involved with the Albany 2030 process!
  If you live, work or play in the City of Albany, the Comprehensive Plan is your guide.  Attend neighborhood meetings, public hearings and other community activities and see how they relate to Albany 2030.  Stay tuned in on the web and in social media.

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From The Mayor's Office