Draft Vision Statement

About the Draft Vision

A draft vision of what the City of Albany should be in 2030 has been created, based directly on your input over the last several months. The same top themes, concerns and suggestions came up through each of Albany 2030's numerous ways to participate (online, text messaging, phone calls, emails, Facebook, community meetings, house parties, public forums, etc.) These themes have been developed into the five components of the draft Albany 2030 vision.

Read the draft vision statement and take the survey  to rate how strongly the intent of each piece agrees with your personal vision for Albany’s future. If you have further comments on the draft vision, submit them online via the Citizen Journal or email. We will take all ratings and comments into account and make revisions that most closely reflect the vision of the community as a whole. The final vision will guide the creation of policies and strategies recommended in the final Albany2030 plan, with the goal of making the vision a reality by 2030.


Draft Albany2030 Vision Statement

The Vision of Albany in 2030:

Albany in 2030 has built on its history and diverse natural, cultural, institutional, and human resources to become a global model for sustainable revitalization and urban livability. The city promotes a balanced approach to economic opportunity, social equity, and environmental quality that is locally driven, encourages citizen involvement and investment, and benefits all residents.

Vision Components

A.  Safe, Livable Neighborhoods

Every neighborhood in Albany is a desirable place to live because of its walkable streets, historic architecture, range of housing choices, mixed-use neighborhood centers, quality schools, parks and recreation facilities, and easy access to Downtown Albany and other job centers.

B.  Model Educational System

Albany nurtures its most valuable resources, its children, by promoting excellence in education at all levels. The City’s institutions of higher education are valued resources and partners in initiatives to expand economic opportunities, enhance work force skills, and promote lifelong learning.

C.  Vibrant Urban Center

As the capital of New York, Albany is the region’s primary center of government, education, health care, employment, and culture. Downtown Albany is a vibrant mix of business, residential, educational, arts, culture, cultural, and entertainment uses connected to the Hudson River.

D.  Multi-Modal Transportation Hub

Albany’s neighborhoods and centers are connected to each other and to the rest of the region by an extensive, efficient, and safe network of complete streets, mass transit, bikeways, trails, and sidewalks.

E.  Sustainable City / Prosperous Economy

Albany is a model of community health and sustainability in its planning, restorative development, and conservation of energy, water, and natural resources. The city is a pillar of the regional and global economies, providing quality employment opportunities for all residents with a focus on green jobs and technology.

From The Mayor's Office