Albany and the 21st Century Economy

Storm Cunningham LectureWinter weather may have rescheduled this educational lecture, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the more than 85 attendees who participated in the event on March 11th. The group was eager to hear from Storm Cunningham, a community revitalization and restoration specialist, and apply lessons learned from other communities to the City of Albany.
The event, held at the Touhey Forum on The College of Saint Rose campus, kicked off with a brief overview of the Albany 2030 process to date and results from the first round of public workshops. Following the briefing, Cunningham launched into an educational and entertaining description of large-scale revitalization projects – some successful, like Chattanooga, TN and Bilbao, Spain; and others, like Memphis, TN, that missed the mark.
Cunningham explained that the difference between success and failure is a three-prong approach to revitalization:  a clearly defined community vision, revitalization-focused policies and codes and strong partnership connections. He also noted the presence of a single group dedicated to revitalization in each successful community, which he termed the “Renewal Engine.”
The Albany 2030 process is building our capacity for success under Cunningham’s model.  With a strong culture of partnerships already in place, Albany 2030 will develop a clear vision for Albany based on rigorous community input and make recommendations for policy and code changes that will foster revitalization throughout the City.  Albany 2030 will set the course for Albany’s own “Renewal Engine,” and drive us toward a shared vision for Albany over the next 20 years.
Video of this lecture can be found at the Albany Community Television blog.

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