Community Forum 3: Setting Priorities

Results are posted! Click here or the image below to see the presentation from Forum 3 with the combined polling and budget exercise results from all three sessions.

Community Forum 3 was held in three sessions September 30-October 2, 2010.  Over 100 participants shared their priorities for projects, policies, and investment in Albany and helped the City direct its efforts and resources.Forum 3  Results Slide

This round of workshops was very hands-on and interactive. Participants used keypad polling to choose their preferences for how neighborhoods, parks and other City features look and which locations should take priority. Participants also had the opportunity to put money where their priorities are in our budget exercise. 

Three sessions were held, one at Albany High School, one at the North Albany YMCA, and one at Hackett Middle School. As always, the workshops were free and open to everyone.  Kids were welcome, and we enjoyed their input, in particular on Saturday!

If you were not able to attend, you can still provide your input via a House Party! Gather your friends and neighbors to go through the same exercises conducted during Forum 3.  Click here for instructions and materials.

From The Mayor's Office