Madison Road Diet

Not only does Albany’s Bicycle Master Plan classify City streets for cyclists of varying riding experience, it also identifies key locations to effectively reconfigure for all types of roadway users.

Though Madison Avenue is identified as a “Major Bikeway” in the Master Plan, intended for adult riders that can use the road for direct route commuting purposes, its current design does not include “space” to safely accommodate cyclists.  However, in June 2013, the City of Albany completed a feasibility study for implementing the “Madison Road Diet.”

A “Road Diet” is when a road is reduced in the number of travel lanes and/or the effective width. The reallocated space can result in improved safety for cyclists, pedestrians and other motorized vehicles.  The Madison Avenue Road Diet evaluates bicycles, pedestrians, public transit, parking, safety and vehicle operations as a whole, from Lark Street to South Allen Street and along Western Avenue from South Allen Street to Manning Boulevard.

An Example of a Road Diet Conversion
Road Diet Conversion


From The Mayor's Office