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Albany 2030

On Monday, April 2, 2012 the City of Albany Common Council voted unanimously to adopt Albany 2030. This momentous vote officially establishes the first comprehensive plan for the City. Albany 2030 will greatly improve local quality of life for generations to come.


Albany 2030 was prepared for The City of Albany from the following funding sources:
NYS Department of State Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program

NYS Department of State Quality Communities Program
NYS Department of State Local Waterfront Revitalization Program
Capitalize Albany Corporation


Albany 2030: The City of Albany Comprehensive Plan, often refered to as, Albany 2030, is the first-ever Comprehensive Plan in the City's history, and is best described as a master guidance document, outlining a framework for future community efforts, sustainable initiatives, economic development and investment, policy decisions and management within the City.  Albany 2030 is a "to do" list that will be used

Why Albany 2030?

"Albany 2030: Your City, Your Future" refers to the identity behind the City of Albany's first Comprehensive Plan.  Branding and promotion was an important component in the process to create the City's first Comprehensive Plan.  To initiate the process and capture community interest, an identifiable brand was established for the project, including a project logo, a consistent color scheme, and an enthusiastic message:

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