Building Albany 2030

It took lots of outreach and public participation to build Albany 2030. Thank you, to all who helped make this Plan happen.  Read about past efforts... 

Draft Plan: Chapter 1

This chapter introduces the Albany 2030 project and process, including an introduction to comprehensive planning, a description of the outreach process, an outline of the systems approach, and how this plan will relate to other planning processes.  Please read Chapter 1 and then provide your thoughts via the very brief surveys provided.

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Draft Vision Statement

About the Draft Vision

A draft vision of what the City of Albany should be in 2030 has been created, based directly on your input over the last several months. The same top themes, concerns and suggestions came up through each of Albany 2030's numerous ways to participate (online, text messaging, phone calls, emails, Facebook, community meetings, house parties, public forums, etc.) These themes have been developed into the five components of the draft Albany 2030 vision.


From The Mayor's Office