Tivoli Lake Preserve Visioning

The Tivoli Lake Preserve Community Engagement & Visioning Project

 The City of Albany's Department of Planning and DevelopmTivoli Lake Preserve Visionent began its efforts to improve Tivoli Lake Preserve in the Spring of 2014, thanks to funding from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and the Environmental Protection Fund.  The City's undertakin to protect and revitalize this great natural resource has produed the Tivoli Lake Preserve Visioning Plan, which outlines opportunities and a conceptual design based on ideas, needs and interests collected during an extensive public outreach effort.

  Public input was essential to create this detailed conceptual design for the Preserve. The City, alongside area stakeholder groups, Neighborhood Associations, local and regional agencies, and a team of professional designers, took advantage of public events, public spaces, social media and neighborhood meetings to promote the project, gain support and gather ideas and community input to make the Preserve a safe and enjoyable destination.  Residents of Arbor Hill, West Hill, West End,  the Beverly-Pennsylvania Neighborhood Watch, and other interested parties all played an integral part in assessing the property and providing feedback.

The City will continue to introduce the Tivoli Lake Preserve Visioning Plan to the public and provide updates on implementation efforts, core hurdles, and future coordinated efforts.  Read the Visioning Plan below, and visit "Updates for Tivoli Lake Preserve" to learn about current activities... 


Mary Millus
Department of Planning & Development
(518) 465-6066


From The Mayor's Office